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Why Polyactic Acid (PLA) ?

Among the many bioplastics available today, one of the best known is PLA. And it's certainly one of the fastest growing. 


Polylactice is 100% natural biomaterial derived from plants which make it biodegradable and Eco friendly Biopolymer, and it is a high-strength and high-modulus thermoplastic that is easily processed using conventional processing techniques. Moreover, it is safe to use with

Our PLA product can sustain:

  • Acidic and Alkaline food when used in packaging

  • Dishwasher allowed

  • Maximum 2 min with Microwave 800W

  • Heat Resistance up to 110℃

Kukumim PLA decomposition conditions under relatively 90% humidity and temperature between 58C-70C. Can be fully disintegrated in soil (contains micro organisms, bacteria, non confined space with sufficient oxygen)

Process HTR PLA White Thick.png

Kukumim Life Hacks

  • Preferably use non-plastic containers daily

  • Any use of plastic container might release environmental hormones.

  • Therefore, it is suggested to use containers made of porcelain, glass or stainless steel to replace various plastic products. 

  • 2. Do not use plastic containers for warm water, alkaline drinks and alcoholic drinks.

  • 3. Use neutral detergent and soft tools for cleaning. Do not scratch the inside of containers.

  • 4. Do not reuse disposable containers

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