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Eating can be fun! We create big appetites

with Tropical Fish oversize bowls up to 550ml!

Kukumim chooses natural corn starch for its products. This tableware design applied the research conducted by Cornell University Food and Brand Lab titled “Big Bowl make big Appetites.”

According to the study, babies not only ask for more food to fill larger bowl – they will also eat 52% more! Tropical fish dish is a simple solution for caregivers.

Focused on Your Baby

You won’t think you need a degree to feed your baby without making a mess of the dinner table, and yet we are here to get you sorted with meal times with your little tyke.

Your baby may have figured out finger foods. But laying the foundation for utensil use needs the right set of tableware.


We at Kukumim understand that. Hence we have engineered an ergonomic collection of baby products which will make eating fun and mess-free for your baby.

Get the Right Weaning Products


From baby feeding spoons to specially designed silicone baby bowls, we look at what you need to help wean your baby. Our utensils are fashioned out of natural corn starch and are free of BPA, BPS and all other bad acronyms.

Ergonomic designs and bright colors help our products stand out from the rest. The arc handling of the baby feeding spoon and the functional design of the spoon and fork heads speak volumes about our attention to detail. Not to forget the baby bowls that comes wrapped with anti-slippage silicone material to prevent the bowl from slipping and sliding.

Arc handle & No parting line design

baby feeding spoon
silicon baby bowls

Anti-slippage material on the bottom of bowl to prevent slipping

Spoon & Fork head match the curvature of dish wall

toddler spoon and fork

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