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Japan Test Report

Test Result_THJ049555201-MHLW-No336-2010

TWNC00495552    THJ049555201

Leachable Colors Content

Lead(Pb) Content

Cadmium(Cd) Content

Consumption of Potassium Permanganate

Leachable Heavy Metal

Evaporated Residues

Lactic Acid

Evaporated Residues

United States Dep of Agriculture (USDA) issed this label on a product that states its third-party tested and verified biobased content.

Europe Test Report

Test Result Page_THJ049555501-EN14372_EN

TWNC00495555    THJ049555501​

EN 14372 EN 14350

Migration of Certain Elements

Toxic Elements Analysis

Overall Migration Test

Heavy Metal Test

Aromatic Amines Test

Phthalates Content

USA Test Report


Lead (Pb) Content In Non-Surface Coating Materials

Cadmium (Cd) Content

Phthalates Content

Bisphenol-A BPA Content

Bisphenol-S BPS Content

FDA Regulation On Paper & Paperboard

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