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Our Operation Principles

Why do we produce products only for the babies under three years old? 

As we all know that babies under three years old are unable to clearly express their thoughts in languages. Parents may found it extremely difficult to feed their babies because of babies' constant irritation due to communication obstacles, which might cause parents resort to provide their babies with less nutritious but more child appealing junk food. Due to the prior condition babies' can very likely be malnourished during the golden period for brain development from 0 to 3 years old. In allusion to this circumstance, Kukumim worked extensively with child neurologists and developed products.

The products developed by Kukumim are reusable, and definitely non-disposable, ensuring that they are environmentally friendly, provide a cleaner environment for the next generation. ​

Sustainable Operation

In addition, we have started studying to the process of using tapioca starch as the raw material in order to avoid corn shortage in PLA in the future, hoping to realize zero burden on the land.


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