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Our Working Principles

We share better health concept with people we care the most and contribute what is helpful for our world! As a first step, we developed convenient, non-toxic, healthy and Eco-friendly cutlery for children, the very same material can also be manufactured into toys for children. Focus on the products for infants/babies, and baby-friendly designs


Why do we produce products only for the babies under three years old? 

As we all know that babies under three years old are unable to clearly express their thoughts in languages. Parents may found it extremely difficult to feed their babies because of babies' constant irritation due to communication obstacles, which might cause parents resort to provide their babies with less nutritious but more child appealing junk food. Due to the prior condition babies' can very likely be malnourished during the golden period for brain development from 0 to 3 years old. In allusion to this circumstance, Kukumim worked extensively with child neurologists and developed spoons and forks with bubble handles that may soothe children’s sympathetic nerves as the tableware for children between 5 to 9 months old. 

Also, we spent one year modifying products repeatedly, and we tested our products with 100 babies around age 1 year old and those products were proven able to pacify the group of babies. 

The products developed by Kukumim are reusable, and definitely non-disposable, ensuring that they are environmentally friendly, provide a cleaner environment for the next generation. 

Environmental industry, non-toxic materials guarantee 

All products produced by Kukumin use non-GMO PLA biomaterials, which have passed the test of Euro Gene Scan. Meanwhile, we choose to work with WLC-certified US suppliers in order to make sure no burden is placed on our earth with the raw materials production. 

Working landscape Certificate

Non-GMO crops refer to the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, being environmentally friendly.

Eurofins Gene Scan verified raw materials are non-GMO ( GMO testing). 

Choose natural ingredients and biodegradable materials to make contributions to ecological protection. It is urgent to reduce the dependence on petrochemical materials with the current global warming and the trend of carbon emission reduction. With biologically degradable polymers, the wastes generated can be used as nutrients for plants, reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, the accumulation of greenhouse gases, thus reducing the pollution sources. The so-called bio-based polymers originate from renewable resources, such as corn, sugar cane, or tapioca. These previously mentioned materials contain high starch content that can be fermented into bio-based polymers. 

Sustainable Operation

In addition, we have started studying to the process of using tapioca starch as the raw material in order to avoid corn shortage in PLA in the future, hoping to realize zero burden on the land.

FDA Test Report


Japan Food Sanitation Law No 233

Ministry of Health Labour & Welfare

No 370 & MHLW No 336


European Standard On Child

EN 14372 EN 14350

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