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Premium Toddler Eating Utensils

Once your baby hits six months, it’s time to introduce solid foods. Perfecting the spoon-to-mouth concept requires the right set of toddler eating utensils.

At Kukumim, we understand the weaning game better than anyone else. And that is why, we are proud to show off our bright and ergonomic Bubble series.

Our Bubble Series feature baby bowls and spoons made from all-natural corn starch. The seamless design of the tableware provides a baby friendly handling mechanism that has no sharp edges causing discomfort.

The Side Handle is designed to assist baby to carry the bowl

Vivid Colors & Bubble Handle

Fork & Spoon side matches the curvature of the bowl to pick up the food easily

toddler eating utensils
baby bowls and spoons

The Sloped Angle Design help baby to collect food from bowl easily

Focused on Your Baby

The bubble handle of the baby spoon enhances the baby’s attention on the food and makes mealtime an enjoyable affair. The eye-popping colors improves baby’s ability to focus and consume more food from the bowl.


The sloped angle design of the baby spoon helps the baby to scoop out food from the bowl easily. The side handle of the baby bowl assists the baby to carry the bowl without any effort. The silicone bottom makes sure that nothing’s moving but the food.

baby bowl
baby bowl
blue color baby bowls

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